Specialist in the field of radiotherapy
Euromechanics is a fine mechanical special manufacturing company for medical instruments. We are developing and manufacturing highly extensive medical equipment for radiotherapy and x-ray diagnostics. Our products meet the newest state of science and technology. New product developments from Euromechanics are pathbreaking in the field of medical physics.

Development and partnerships
Euromechanics is cooperating with hospitals, radiotherapy centers and industrial enterprises all over the world. Our main focus of attention is the welfare of patients and the advantage of our partners.

Realizing ideas
“Creating the future” means to Euromechanics researching and developing. Together with physicians, technicians and other scientists we are examining how to improve existing techniques and to develop new solutions. We are supporting scientific work and young talents in the range of medical physics. Euromechanics relies on developmental partnerships with leading universities, competence centers and innovative scientists. Your visions meet with new possibilities of technical feasibility at Euromechanics.

Precision work
Medical instruments have to operate reliably and most precisely. This is why precision mechanics plays a key role in the field of medical physics. As specialists we are in the position to process mechanical parts absolute accurately and to connect them to an ensemble functioning precisely . Euromechanics assures the quickest possible time of realisation from the first concept design to the end product. Our specialists transform first construction concepts into 2D- and 3DCAD- drawings and construct models and prototypes. Not till then we refer the fully developed product to our production division.

LAP accompanies generational change at Euromechanics medical GmbH through participation

EUROMECHANICS medical GmbH, manufacturer and distributor of multileaf collimators for radiation therapy systems and phantoms for quality assurance in radiotherapy, has taken an important step toward generational change. LAP GmbH, global market leader with laser systems for patient alignment in radiation therapy, is now fully engaged in EUROMECHANICS medical GmbH.

Founded in 2000 in Schwarzenbruck near Nuremberg Euromechanics has been continuously expanded and developed and will remain as a site of the LAP group. Long-term partnerships with international key-players and quality leadership in the radiotherapy market characterize the company.

Mr. Roman Harmansa, founder and former CEO of EUROMECHANICS medical GmbH, will continue to support as a consultant in the future. Internal knowledge of workflows and customers can be optimally combined with new impulses from outside. Both long-term employees as well as well-known customers will benefit from the acquisition. Know-how is available in usual quality and full range. Ongoing projects continue seamlessly and new projects will be pushed forward. The company also participates of the global structure of the LAP group and thus gain access to international markets.

Roman Harmansa: “We are very happy with this solution of succession. Because so can all jobs are obtained and the company has a viable future.”

Uwe Bernhard Wache, CEO of LAP group: “We complement our portfolio in the healthcare field by an excellent specialist. The participation arise a clear added value in the future for our joint customers in radiation therapy.”

from left: H.-P. Werner (LAP), R. Harmansa (Euromechanics), J. Gaulthier (LAP)from left: H.-P. Werner (LAP), R. Harmansa (Euromechanics), J. Gaulthier (LAP)

Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy

As a global company, Euromechanics is aware of concerns that conflict minerals mined in designated regions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries may be making their way into the electronic industry supply chain, and may be in conflict with human rights and environmental protection.

Euromechanics is committed to the ethical sourcing and supports the use of “conflict free minerals” in its products.


Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy