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Test plates for checking the correctness of the Automatic Exposure Control system of Rad/Flu X-ray units (40 – 150 kV) in accordance with IEC 61223-3-1. more


In accordance with IEC 61223-2-1/-9/-11 and DIN 6868-3,-4, specifically developed for analogue Radiography and Fluoroscopy systems. more


Filter, 25 mm AL for DIEGO / FLURO / ALDO phantoms. more


For evaluation of the perpendicular alignment of the central beam in relation to the image receptor. Suitable in Radiography, Fluoroscopy and CT. more


2-part PMMA phantom (adult body and adult head) for measurement of Computed Tomography Dose Index in accordance with IEC 61223-2-6, IEC 61223-3-5 and IEC 60601-2-44. more


Specifically developed for QA within DSA in accordance with IEC 61223-3-3 and German Standard DIN 6868-4, 2007. more


DIEGO Image Quality Phantom developed for digital radiography in accordance with German Standard DIN V 6868-58 (acceptance tests) and DIN 6868-13 (constancy tests). more


Developed in accordance with German Standard DIN 6868-4, 2007 for QA within digital and analogue Radiography and Fluoroscopy. more


Aluminum filter set for HVL measurements at Rad/Flu X-ray units (40 – 150 kV). more

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