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Phantoms for Digital Volume Tomography, e.g. Dental: also suitable for Cone Beam CTs

Key features DEVA C – for constancy tests:

  • Specifically developed for constancy tests within DVT, e.g. dental, in accordance with QA guideline (3.2.8) and coming update of DIN 6868-4
  • Modular structure, consisting of 2 round discs (Ø 160 mm, thicknesses in mm: 2x20)
  • Integrated test objects: PMMA (tissue equivalent), PVC (bone equivalent) and Free air
  • Positioning aids: Level, center mark (linear)
  • for evaluation of image quality parameters: ContrastDVT and MTF (disc 1) Noise, homogeneity, artefacts (disc 2)


DEVA K Datenblatt
DEVA C Data Sheet