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The ideal solution of a flexible universal phantom for dose measurement and verification in the Intensified Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), which permits measurements with ionization chambers, films, TLD and other dosimeters.

In scientific cooperation with the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, we developed the EASY CUBE in the year 2002. The EASY CUBE is a cubic phantom, with which dose distributions can be exactly verified in IMRT and Stereotactic applications. The EASY CUBE serves a complete, fast and accurate dosimetric verification – on the one hand for measurements with high-energy photon radiation, on the other hand for measurements of CT.

Our development objective: to be able to accomplish measurements which are necessary in the context of quality assurance within complex irradiation techniques with only one phantom arranged as universally as possible. The EASY CUBE is particularly used for the quality assurance of modern IMRT treatment techniques.

In the context of quality assurance, phantoms must emulate human anatomy on the one hand and permit physical measurements with different dosimeters on the other hand. With the EASY CUBE we designed a phantom that can fulfill all these criteria.

The EASY CUBE consists of a cube with 18 cm edge length and a wall thickness of 1 cm, in which plates consisting of RW3, which exhibits attenuation behavior equivalent to water for therapeutic photon and electron radiation, can be stacked with a surface of 16 x 16 cm ². Thus a dose verification with films is simultaneously possible in up to 16 levels. For the verification of irradiation plans and temporally modulated irradiation fields detectors are, in connection with films, due to their high local dissolution, of special advantage – smooth and continuous pressure of the phantom plates to the films ensures that the films can be exactly assigned to the phantom position.


More possibilities in dosimetry: 
By its modular design the EASY CUBE not only provides the facility of using ready packed films. Besides it has adapters for different ionization chambers (Farmer, Pin Point) so that also absolute dose measurements can be accomplished. Further plates of water-equivalent RW3 were provided with hole drillings for TLD (Thermoluminescent Dosimeter), so that also these dosimeters are applicable with the phantom. Markers in different colors are engraved on the surface of the EASY CUBE for plain adjustment of the phantom under an accelerator and in a CT scanner. Optionally, a set of localizer plates is available for the use in a CT scanner.

More anatomical simulation practicabilities: 
The cubical “basic phantom” is specifically designed for head and neck and stereotactic applications. We accomplished that the spectrum of use of the EASY CUBE could be economically expanded by consistent advancement with numerous “anatomical” extensions: Now also dose distributions within the range of the basin can be examined, in order to be able to verify e.g. fluence-modulated irradiation within the range of the prostate. The EASY CUBE was extended in such a way that also circular body cross sections and inhomogeneities can be emulated. This was realized by the development of half shells of RW3, which can be attached with the help of appropriate expanders laterally to the phantom. They contain recesses, which can be filled with dosimeters or other phantom materials. This structure can be used in particular for the simulation of dose distributions in the range of the basin or the thorax.

With the various extensions, dose distributions cannot only be simulated and measured within the range of materials of high density, e.g. bones, but the inhomogeneities can also be used in order to calibrate the conversion of the Hounsfield values of a CT-scanner into values of physical density: The half shells can be joined with adapters to a cylinder. So on the one hand a round patient cross section can be simulated – and on the other hand, by filling with inhomogeneities, a calibration of the conversion of measured Hounsfield values to values of the physical density can be made. For this appropriate materials are available, similar to fat, muscle, lung and bone fabrics.

For the simulation of large cylindric geometry further adapters of RW3 are available, which permit equal measurements with dosimeters or inhomogeneities. With these phantom extensions naturally occurring or artificial inhomogeneities in patient anatomy, e.g. bones or metal prostheses within the range of the hip, can be simulated.

Technical details and sizes

Technical details 
Total size: 33 (L) x 36 (W) x 18 (H) cm
Einschubplatte: 33 (L) x 44 (W) x 1 (H) cm
Material: RW3
Density: 1.045 g/cm3
Weight: 22 kg

Abstandsplatten: 15
Thickness: 1 cm
Filmtyp: kommerzielle Röntgenfilme und GafChromic-Speicherfolien
Anzahl Filme: bis 15
Filmabstand: min. 1 cm
Geometry: transversaI
Filmkennzeichnung: Universal Body Film Marker.
3 Markierungslöcher definieren den Schnittpunkt der Filmebene mit der koronalen und sagittalen Ebene sowie die Filmausrichtung. Positionierung: Auf der Oberfläche des Würfels sind Markierungen in unterschiedlichen Farben eingraviert. Sie ermöglichen eine einfache Positionierung des Phantoms unter dem Beschleuniger oder dem CT-Scanner

Kopf- und Nacken-Sektion / Stereotaxie 
Außenabmessungen: 18 x 18 x 18 cm
Filmgröße: 16 x 16 cm
Filmabstand: min. 1 cm
Anzahl Filme: bis 15
Geometrie: Lagebestimmung transversal, koronal oder sagittal
Ausgleich der Filmstärke: enthaltene Abstandsplatten: 16 Platten mit 10 mm, 1 Platte mit 1 mm, 2 Platten mit 2 mm und 1 Platte mit 5 mm Stärke
Filmpreparation: Zuschneiden und Laden des Phantoms in der Dunkelkammer
Filmkennzeichnung: manuell in der Dunkelkammer
lonisationskammer-Einschübe: Farmer type (FC65G/P)
Kammernanordnung: an allen Punkten im Würfel innerhalb eines 1-Zentimeter-Rasterfeldes (2 cm in der Tiefe)
Seitliche Streukörper: 2 seitliche Streukörper, die an jeder Würfelseite angebracht werden können.
Breite mit Streukörpern: 36 cm


  • Filme: Auf Wunsch sind Abstandsplatten in anderen Stärken als 1 cm erhältlich.
  • Kammern: Für die Dosimetrie mit Ionisationskammern stehen Einschübe in unterschiedlichen Grössen und für verschiedene Kammertypen zur Verfügung, z.B. Compact type (CC13) sowie Einschübe für Detektoren anderer Hersteller.
  • CT-Lokalisiationsplatten: Set, bestehend aus 6 Lokalisationsplatten für den Einsatz mit einem CT-Scanner
  • TLD-Platten: Bis zu 196 TLD Detektor-Stäbchen (Ø 1 * 6 mm) auf jeder Seite, 1 cm Abstand
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[Translate to Englisch:] EASY CUBE
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