PMLC - Photon Multileaf Collimator

Photon MLC (PMLC)*

The new Photon Multileaf Collimator includes all features needed for a successful upgrade of any given linear accelerator (LINAC) without an integrated MLC. With a smooth integration into the clinical environment and adaptations to Elekta, Varian and Siemens linacs, 3D CRT and soon even IMRT treatments are now available for everyone. 

Not available in all countries - Please contact your local distributer for more Information

Specs & Dimensions for Photon MLC

Max energy6 MeV Photon
Linac modelsAll common LINAC vendors*
Total height< 10 cm
Total weight45 kg
Field sizeup to 24 cm x 34 cm**
Number of leaves60
Leaf height63 mm
Leaf resolution7mm**
Leaf materialTungsten
Absorption> 98 %
Cross travel50 %
CommunicationDICOM RT control interface / Beam on/off
Mountingsupporting trolley for easy 180° mounting available
Developed, manufactured,
tested and CE – certified in
* Work in progress
** Depending on Linac type / mounting position


  • 60 individually controlled leaves
  • Single focus with rounded front ends
  • Tongue-and-groove design
  • Independent position measuring system
  • DICOM-RT interface to TPS
  • Upgradeable to IMRT treatments
  • Mountable on weight - constrained Linac heads

MLC Pictures

Please click on the images to get a detailed view of our Photon Multileaf Collimator.
Photon MLC closedPhoton MLC closed
Photon MLC openPhoton MLC open
Photon MLC 3DPhoton MLC 3D
Photon MLCPhoton MLC
Photon MLCPhoton MLC
Photon MLC detailPhoton MLC detail